Internet surfers pay cybergangs annually 5 million $ of ransom

Symantec, the Norton software producer,  has recently noticed a rapid growth of the number of cybergangs using ransomware – a software which is locking computers. In order to unlock your device, you need to pay a ransom. It is estimated that at least 5 million dollars is wangled from the victims each year.

Ransomware  appeared in 2009, first in Russia and in Eastern Europe, then it has spread over the Western Europe, the US and many other countries. Professional cybergangs use an intelligent and malicious type of software which, after it is installed on user’s computer, is identifying his country of residence. It generates a message in user’s mother tongue with a logo of local authorities, throughout the IP of the victim. The software is locking the computer and the user has the impression that the only solution to restore its functions is to pay the ransom.

The fact is that many different types of harmful software, with slight changes in the code, are formed. One of the main variant of it  has been detected 500 000 times in 18 days. Symantec specialists had analyzed the way in which offenders were wangling money. During a month they were running a detailed research on a particular attack  – 2,9% of the attacked users payed the ransom. Taking into  consideration the fact that during a month 68 000 computers had been attacked, and that the cost of unlocking a computer varies from 60 to 200 USD, it turned out that in a month offenders could have earned even 394 000 USD.

A Closer Look at Storage Virtualization

Many years ago, the thought of having virtual storage systems was laughable at best. No one could’ve imagined that we would arrive at a day like this – where storage virtualization would exist and be used on a daily virtualization solutions

A storage system is also called as a storage array or a disk filer. It basically serves as an all-around avenue for computing and data processing. What you don’t know about how storage systems work is that for so many years, they have been indeed virtualized!

Storage Virtualization makes everything easier for businesses and individuals alike. It provides more flexibility than a physical storage. With the complex nature of computers and data processing, having a reliable software will do wonders for your system.

Storage virtualization benefits you by providing a more stable and efficient storage service. With an effective storage system, you won’t have to worry about malicious attempts by outside forces (hacks, virus, etc.) because you will have optimum protection. Your files will be safe and free from any tampering from outside elements.

The most important thing though when considering a storage virtualization software is the maximum capacity that it can take. A virtual storage will be borderline useless if it can only handle a limited amount of files. The bigger the capacity is, the better your business will be. Huge corporations need a bigger capacity because of the amount of files being produced on a daily basis. This is why it’s important to take note of the capacity first before deciding to go with a certain s. v. software.
A certain virtual storage system that’s on the rise right now is the Cloud Storage, or also known as cloud computing. Aside from that, there are other storage virtualization companies that you can choose from for your virtual storage needs.

Storage virtualization is basically the next generation data center. It can house all your needs when it comes to computer and data processes. A system so broad and capable of many things will always have a place in the industry. The interesting part here is that people will now be watching at how storage virtualization and data core develops in the next few years. What could be the new features? Could there be new applications, perhaps?

At this rate, the answer is still uncertain – but without a doubt, the storage virtualization solutions will continue to grow through the years. The only real question is to how much it will improve. For all we know, there could be new apps developed that would make the whole process more automated. There could be plenty of possibilities when it comes to the advancements of storage virtualization trends in the next few years. But for now, the best thing everyone can do is just hope for more improvements in the current system.

There’s no question that storage virtualization provides businesses and even individuals a great storage system that handles all the necessary things like data processing and the like. For the next few years though – all eyes will be watching on how the virtualization will evolve.

Earth Alerts 2012.1.30

Earth Alerts is application dedicated to natural disasters, and precisely to monitor such events like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis or storms. This application has got an access to databases of many diffrent meteorological agencies which allowing user permament access to news about ongoing and upcoming disasters and weather anomalies. Data is gathered from data bases automatically providing user with 24/7 updates.

User can also use the application to check the weather in any place in the world by inputting city or region name in relevant tab. In app panel we are given the opportunity to choose what kind of event we are mostly interested in to set up the alerts and in case of such event we will be informed straight away by the app. Earth Alerts 2012.1.30 is interesting desktop application for curious people which allowes them to gather interesting information quickly and automatically.

Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure is open cloud platform, which allows one quickly create and manage applications with use of global network of Microsofts data centers. The biggest advantage of this solution is its independence from any specific programming language, programming environment or tools.

Microsoft Azure services are available through REST protocol. Microsoft’s platform can be used for many diffrent ways- starting from sharing websites and internet applications  written in ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js to creating your own network infrastructure made from diffrent virtual machines, working under the control of Windows Server or Linux. I think this is very interesting service giving user great flexibilty and freedom.

Best data storage devices

Hard-drives, SSD disks, Nas server and cloud services- there is a lot of things to choose by user to efficiently store his data. But not all of them is equally efficient, secure and flexible to meet your demands. What will be a best pick then?

Recently the most universal storage device is virtual hard-drive. If you decide to store your data in a cloud, you have the access from any place in the world ( if there is only internet) It is possible thanks to a internet browser or desktop application for pc or smartphone. What is even better, you can share your resources with other users if you allow them access to your files. The whole idea looks very promising but the real disadvantage is their capacity. This is why, so far they are not very useful to store a lot of big size files. A lot of cloud operators introduced storage limits of uploaded files. Additionally, the speed of the upload of your files is dependent of the broadband what can be painful for users with lesser speed. The last thing to remember is that storing files in a cloud means they are handed to third – party so it raises security questions. best solution for data storage

Ideal storage device for data, documents, music, pictures or movies must be efficient and fast, so user don’t have to waste their time for data recording. Another thing is it needs to be reliable. Loosing data can be painful and sometimes expensive experience. The fastest storage device can be useless if it doesn’t record the data properly.

Unfortunately there is no device, which could meet all of our demands. Each and every one of the mentioned devices- hard drive, SSD disk or NAS have their pros and cons which predestine them to store one type of data and disqualify to store another type of data. Therefore the best practice would be to compare particular storage device with our criterias. The best way to perform such a task is to create a table with columns such as price, capacity, security, efficiency and usability and rate them accordingly. This way you can easily pick up the best storage solutions for your needs.

Mass storage software

Mass storage software is a software which helps you to manage your storage devices. The most popular mass storage devices will include tape libraries, RAID systems, hard disk drives, magnetic tape drives, optical disc and magneto-optical disc drives and older floppy disk drives. Storage devices differ from memory in that they retain data permanently, even when the computer system is turned off, whereas memory drives such as RAM (random access memory) does not save the data in this case.

Mass storage software consists of the whole range of tools and applications which enable a company or a private person to manage their storage system. They usually cover storage resource management (SRM) and network storage management software, performance monitoring, file systems, volume management, virtualization software and security software. Many IT companies offer a range of mass storage software for effective management. You can also find many trial versions and open source applications for mass storage.

The tools which are used for virtualisations and cloud storage, are not the only types of mass storage software which allow data to elastically grow, shrink or migrate across physical machines in a cluster without downtime, server failures or interruptions. This is a common standard nowadays. Examples of mass storage software also include the software for NAS and SAN. They offer maintenance, data replications for primary storage, various upgrades and address system failures without disrupting applications, e.g. DataCore SANsymphony or Nexenta Systems for SAN and NAS.

Hierarchical storage management is a technique applied in many types of mass storage software. It transfers various types of data between mass storage devices. The data that is very frequently used and needs to be quickly accessed is stored on faster devices, whereas the data which is rarely reclaimed is stored on slower devices which have more space and are less cost-effective in maintenance. Therefore, the hierarchical storage on such devices makes this solution very useful and cost-saving.

Tools for your business pt.2

Another thing you might be looking at while expanding your business is a proper server. NAS server is an indispensable device in the network attached storage system. It provides a centralized storage available to client computers. NAS server manages the storage processes, monitors and controls the data processing.nas server

NAS server is a computer which has an operation system responsible only for data management and storage resources centralisation. It is optimized to deliver a better file level access to data in NAS systems. NAS hardware products provide advanced storage solutions for small businesses to enterprise organizations, as well as for individual users. The most advances devices include storage technologies such as file reduplication, and an iSCSI software target for unified file services and block input/output storage. NAS server provides simplified management of individual appliances and storage system with high-availability.

NAS server also offers distributed access to file services. NAS server file services enable the client to enjoy better access to files while increasing the efficiencies of storage management requirements. Regardless of platform or location, data is more quickly accessible and easier to manage. These advantages are also applied to virtualised storage devices.

NAS server allows for centralised management of data. It offers better control and improved management tools of the data. These tools also reduce administrative tasks, providing effortless and insightful information on the data storage infrastructure.

NAS server cost-effectively maintains business continuity and satisfactory levels of productivity. NAS server file services help to expand IT services and support a growing base of users affordably and efficiently.

Tools for your business pt.1

Storage software can become an important tool in assuring your business continuity during difficult moments. Every company must take into consideration the question of data protection when choosing the right storage system. But the storage device is useless on its own – it has to have a professional software to operate the storage processes and manage them, for example allow for additional backups of certain files or all storage resources in a given period of time.
Storage system with professional software helps organizations transform raw data into valuable information by delivering a cloud-ready and sustainable system that automates the access to the data and very often virtualizes it to make this access safe and quick, regardless of the location.
Of course, there are many possibilities –physically they depend on the type of the storage system (e.g. NAS , SAN or both). It is the goal for a professional storage software to optimally consolidate the client’s storage infrastructure and provide best-in-class availability and performance to meet diverse business needs.
Apart from ensuring data protection and business continuity during disasters, storage software increases IT staff productivity while improving data access and operating expense.
In the case of cloud storage technology, it enables pay-per-use, multitenant storage services while maintaining enterprise-class security and privacy. It also helps to achieve energy efficiency without compromising the reliability and availability of the infrastructure.
Storage software can also enable upgrades of the whole system. If the company uses a system with limited capacity, it may occur that they will need to expand their resources or add new functionality. A successful software will enable these modifications and adaptations without serious disturbances to the functioning of the whole system.
To sum up, it is crucial to thoroughly consider and analyse the parameters of storage device together as well as the storage software. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to  manage the data in the reality where information has become our most valuable asset.